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A more comprehensive way at looking at lease comps

Lease comps are a key piece of the puzzle in understanding effective rents, but they only tell part of the story. Leases are connected to a tenant, to a building, to a progression of proposals.  Only CoStar offers an integrated solution that allows you to capture all of the information leading up to “the deal” and put this information to use for the most complete analysis.

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A better way to manage and analyze lease comps

CoStar Lease Comps makes it easy to capture, manage and maintain all of your proprietary lease data, safely and securely in your own private cloud, and analyze your information together with CoStar’s comprehensive information to get the most complete picture possible.

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CoStar Lease Comps - Tenant Tracking
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Your Monday morning meeting on steroids.

You’re part of a bigger picture. Whether you are associated with a team, an office or a company, you could be leveraging the collective knowledge of that enterprise more effectively. With CoStar Lease Comps, local teams, practice groups, office locations and national leasing departments can more easily aggregate their comps without sharing outside of their group—making the tasks of standardizing, reporting to others and creating reports so much easier.

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Integration with CoStar makes it easy.

Managing your lease comparables in CoStar Lease Comps is fast and easy.  You simply enter your information on the specific deal terms, and CoStar automatically fills in the rest—operating expenses, real estate taxes, typical buildout by type, submarket, building rating/class—saving you valuable time.

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CoStar Lease Comps - Integration
I was looking for a tenant for our commercial space, and I initially surmised that we could likely find a lease deal for $10 per square foot. I felt this was a bit low, so I did further research in the CoStar database, and learned similar spaces were leasing for $18 per square foot. We were dealing with a 9,000 square-foot space on a ten-year lease – and since we were able to clearly show comparable leasing activity, we were able to sign our prospective tenant at the best price, with both parties feeling that they won. We earned $240,000 in our first month of using CoStar.
Katherine Watson
Manakin Property Services
CoStar Lease Comps - Partner Trust

A partner you can trust.

You entrust your financial assets to a financial institution where they are kept safe, earn interest and you can see how they are performing.  Your lease comps are no different. CoStar is a publicly traded company with decades of experience hosting confidential, proprietary information, safely and privately, for the industry’s largest brokerage firms, financial institutions, corporations and major retailers. 

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