CoStar Private
Sale Network

Connect investors to your latest high-value listings.

Find the right buyers

Give investors 24/7 access to comprehensive listing information with easy to use property websites.

Through registrations, online confidentiality agreements, and due diligence war rooms, you’ll protect yourself and your seller. And through tracking and reporting, you’ll narrow in and focus on buyers that can – and will – close.

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Build your brand

Give institutional clients the seamless, cohesive design they want across touch points.

Stand out from the competition with custom commercial real estate website design that makes a connection, whether you’re using it for listings, teams, brokerages or practice groups.

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Launch with precision

Create impact with email design specifically built for commercial real estate professionals. Build and send email communications to announce listings, calls for off­ers, and bid deadlines.

Our industry-leading technology ensures your message is delivered, while opt-out tracking respects your clients’ preferences.

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